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AOC Show 155: The Digital Revolution of Building Information Modeling

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

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Ben Glunz, CEO at BIMsmith, and Matt McMullen, Associate Principal at Abel Design Group, join us on this episode 155 of Art of Construction.

The tides of change are sweeping through the AEC industry, Art of Construction tribe. As this happens, we have two choices: to run away in fear, or take Ben Glunz advice and “run into it, block and tackle it, and embrace it wholeheartedly!”

Option two sounds better in our book.

BIMsmith is a free cloud platform for researching, selecting, and configuring custom BIM product data. It is important to remember here that BIM is not just a product, it’s part of a process. A process in which all stakeholders utilize a single model to design, construct and operate a building. As building product manufacturers race to update their product lines to better integrate into this new, digitally connected design and building process, BIMsmith aims to be right in the middle of it all.

Join Devon and co-host Matt as they go on a journey with Ben to understand the origins of his work in the BIM world, his company BIMsmith, and his vision of how a digital, open-sourced library of product data is the key to taking the AEC industry to the next level. This episode was recorded at Digital Built Week 2019.


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