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AOC Show 168/Indoor-Outdoor Living Series: Tackling the Glass House Takes a Team

David Haynes

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Scott Brown, Owner and COO of Franklin Window & Door, and Patrick Gruetzmacher, CEO of Summit Automation, join us on this episode 168 of Art of Construction.

We are so excited to be offering you this Deep Dive Series, Indoor-Outdoor Living brought to you by Summit Automation. In this series we will be diving deep into Big Doors! Many words are used to describe this hot trend like Moving Walls, Scenic Doors and alike, but no matter which term we use it is undeniable that floor to ceiling glass is the new big thing in home construction. What does this mean for contractors and affiliates? What adaptions must we make to take this new approach to design and construction head-on and use it to grow our business? Joined by PJ Gruetmacher, CEO of Summit Automation, we will be interviewing three owners of window & door dealerships across the US to find out the answers to those questions and so much more!

Big Doors might sound like a very specific topic, but as we've learned in this Deep Dive Series it is related to a huge shift in the industry as a whole. Prepping a house for things like automation tracks and floor-to-ceiling glass is no easy task, and requires a huge shift in the way buildings are built. In essence, the rise of the Indoor-Outdoor Living Movement forces us to do things differently.

When you're putting a giant hole in a home for one of these doors, it could lead to unforeseen obstacles that require a different knowledge base than that of the builder installing the door. Something at this level of technicality cannot be handled in its own silo, but must be be done in collaboration with all other members of a construction project. Because replacing wood and metal structures with more and more glass requires so much technical knowledge, the key is not to try to gain all that knowledge by yourself. The key is to form strong, transparent relationships with each sector so you can all work as a team to best create the Indoor-Outdoor space the homeowner has envisioned.

Scott Brown has a been at the forefront of the industry with Franklin Window & Door for many years, and was a great guest on this final episode of our Indoor-Outdoor Living Series brought to you by Summit Automation. Join Devon, Scott and PJ as they close out this amazing series at Window Dealers in Atlanta, spotlighting the way Big Doors and automation are pushing our industry forward today!


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