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AOC Show 170: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Custom Dream Home

Charlie and Wendi Getcher

Turner Fleischer

Charlie and Wendi Getcher of BOA Builders join us on this episode 170 of Art of Construction.

BOA Builders build new construction, renovation and design/build projects in Mesa County, CO and are local customers of Devon’s company Mountain View Window & Door. Over many years of building custom dream homes for clients all over Colorado, Charlie and Wendi have taken in many lessons learned about the entire process and how to ensure a custom home build works out best for both the client and the builder.

There are a lot of elements to account for when it comes to building a “Dream Home,” and the homeowner might not be aware of many of them when first entering into the process. The problem is that many lesser-known factors, such as local building codes, soil condition, the fine print of a bank loan and more, have the potential to completely derail a project if not properly accounted for at the beginning.

It for this reason that Charlie and Wendi chose to get out in front of the process and write their book Building Your Custom Dream Home: What You Need to Know. To begin with the end in mind this book is aimed at all those who may be thinking of building their own dream home, and walks the reader through extremely valuable insight, tips and precautions that can only come from a long career of building homes and learning something new each time.

We at Art of Construction are a global megaphone with a global audience. But it is always nice to return to our roots here in Colorado and spotlight a company that is locally working to evolve their business and their industry by creating tools for contractors and affiliates such as this book. This is an amazing book to help you grow your business, AOC Tribe. Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Charlie and Wendi to learn about why they wrote the book, what you can find out from reading it, and how you can take these lessons learned to grow your own business today!


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