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AOC Show 173/Sustainable is the New Sexy Series: When You Are for Everyone, You're for No One

Charlie and Wendi Getcher

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Alaina Money-Garman, Founder and CEO of Garman Homes, and Matt Daigle, Founder and CEO of Rise, join us on this episode 173 of Art of Construction.

This episode was recorded live from the Rise booth at IBS 2020 where we did a Deep Dive Series with industry experts to uncover their vision for sustainability in the building industry. ​Co-hosting this series with Devon is Rise Founder & CEO Matt Daigle, who we’ve previously featured on Art of Construction episode 123 titled Sustainable Building Made Easy for Professionals and Clients. Rise is a leading online resource for sustainable home improvement connecting homeowners, home professionals, and manufacturers of sustainable products.

With them we’re talking about how Sustainable is the New Sexy. What exactly does that mean? It means that the conversation around sustainable home improvement is far from boring. It’s extremely current, relevant, crucial for the planet, and helps homeowners save money while living more comfortably and in style!​

On this first episode of the series we were joined by Alaina Money-Garman, who with her homebuilding brands Garman Homes and Fresh Paint, as well as her online blog Build Like a Girl, has been making waves in the industry. With Fresh Paint, Alaina strives to address affordability by simplifying the home buying process, condensing square footage and adding more features. She also strives to create unique relationships with her clients and the trades based on mutual attitudes and passions, a strategy that ultimately works to waste less of everyone's time and lead to a more sustainable model for how we build homes.

Join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Alaina live at IBS to hear her insights and see what the future has in store for sustainable home building!


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