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AOC Show 175: Building Community in Colorado's Western Slope

Steve Nonis
Turner Fleischer

Robin Brown, Executive Director at Grand Junction Economic Partnership, joins us on this episode 175 of Art of Construction.

The Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) is the official economic development agency for Colorado’s Grand Valley. Executive Director Robin Brown's job is to increase capital investment and primary job opportunities in the region. Robin joined us at a home industry networking night at Grand Junction coworking center JXN Station, owned by Devon and his family, to discuss how they are bringing new businesses, developments and a sense of pride to an area that has so much potential for new growth.

Robin had a long history of passionate community involvement in Grand Junction prior to her current job, previously founding a PR company that represented local businesses and a lifestyle publication, Spoke+Blossom that promoted the outdoor activities, food and culture of the area. She also served her nation as a former Army helicopter pilot and Iraq War veteran. Now she is using her passion for life and varied experience to expand economic activity in the region she loves.

Robin spoke with Devon and Matt about the immense satisfaction she receives from bringing in new industries and creating a thriving new community in Grand Junction, and what this means for the future of the area. With amazing surrounding natural resources, affordable housing prices and new investors and developers looking their way, the community is poised to continue growing and attracting new faces who appreciate its wide open spaces and outdoor lifestyle.

For communities to remain active and vibrant, they need central hubs where its people can gather, share experiences and ideas and think together on new and better ways to grow themselves and their businesses. This is exactly what JXN Station is about. Devon first came over to Grand Junction for college, and has long had a vision of using his passion for the building industry and entrepreneurship to create a space in the area where others can unite and grow together.

Now, in the midst of his vision come to life, join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Robin to discuss what it takes to truly build a community by spotlighting Grand Junction and the economic development taking place right in Colorado's Western Slope!


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