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AOC Show 176/Sustainable is the New Sexy Series: Participating in the Future

Charlie and Wendi Getcher

Scott Jenkins, President & COO at MGO Systems, and Matt Daigle, CEO & Founder at Rise, join us on this episode 176 of Art of Construction.

On this second episode in our series recorded live from the Rise booth at IBS 2020 we spoke with Scott Jenkins, who recently joined MGO Systems as President and COO to build on his many years working in prefab construction. MGO systems produces Magnesium Oxide wall boards for buildings, as opposed to traditional stick-build walls that are built on the job-site. Compared to routine methods, their proprietary engineered wall systems provide superior fire rating, water resistance, insulation value, and acoustic performance — all with a prefabricated solution that is efficient, cost-effective, healthy, and sustainable.

"For too long, the buildings in which we live, work, heal, and play, have been built to minimum standards, affecting safety, quality, health, and sustainability," their website says. "It’s time for change." At the helm of their R&D department is a PHD chemist, a sign that their company is very serious about tackling our industry's current lack of high environmental standards and quality assurance on many of the buildings we build.

Join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Scott at IBS to learn all about what makes Magnesium Oxide a healthy and sustainable building material for walls, how MGO Systems is working to engineer the highest quality product and manufacturing processes, and why builders should be positions themselves to be ambassadors for the healthier, more sustainable building models of the future!


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