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AOC Show 177: Top Ways Contractors Can Build a Profitable Team

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer

Vicki Suiter, Owner of Suiter Business Builders, joins us on this episode 177 of Art of Construction.

For more than two decades, Business Consultant, Coach, Author and National Speaker Vicki Suiter has taught hundreds of contractors - both business owners and managers - how to inspire and motivate teams to produce consistent results. She recently authored a book entitled The Profit Bleed, written to give contractors the tools and resources to succeed in growing their business and their bottom line.

Vicki shared her knowledge and methods with us on how to elevate your employees to take more ownership, inspire accountability, and implement smart systems with clearly defined goals in order to drive consistent profits.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Vicki to learn how contractors and affiliates can become more intentional in how they manage their team and business in order to get more of the two things we never have enough of: time and money!

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