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AOC Show 180/Sustainable is the New Sexy Series: Building to Last

Douglas Asano

Douglas Asano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Huber Engineered Woods, & Matt Daigle, CEO & Founder at Rise join us on this episode 180 of Art of Construction.

This is our fourth episode recorded live from the Rise booth at IBS 2020, where we did a Deep Dive Series with industry experts to uncover their vision for sustainability in the building industry. This time we were joined by Douglas Asano, who champions the innovative products at his company in new and creative ways at IBS and nationally.

Huber Engineered Woods produces subflooring and roof and wall sheathing—two things that a homeowner will never see, but that still make a huge difference on their home's quality. They pride themselves on their mission to create products meant to last way beyond our lives, products that will still be making the world better for our grandkids. As with many other sustainable products, using them requires updating the way you build, and for many contractors embracing change is hard. But as Douglas and others in this series have shown us, it is extremely necessary if you don't want to be left behind.

Join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Douglas to learn how he's gotten building communities across the country to embrace their products, how Huber works to improve the quality and durability of the homes we live in, and how you can better educate homeowners on sustainability to differentiate yourself and grow your business!


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Andrey Zotin
Andrey Zotin
16 mar 2021

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