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AOC Show 181/Sustainable is the New Sexy Series: Understanding Smart Home Technology

Douglas Asano

Eric Goranson, certified kitchen designer and radio show & podcast host, and Matt Daigle, CEO & Founder at Rise, join us on this episode 181 of Art of Construction.

This is our fifth and final episode recorded live from the Rise booth at IBS 2020, where we did a Deep Dive Series with industry experts to uncover their vision for sustainability in the building industry. On Eric's show Around the House he gives his listeners tips and strategies on how to improve your home's look, function and health, and he joined us to share how he's bringing these lessons to builders at IBS.

One area of technology that has the power to truly make every home more sustainable is smart energy monitoring systems. Not only do these systems ensure you're getting the maximum ROI from your energy-saving products, but it also keeps homes at conditions for optimal health, and homeowners aware of any potential health hazards before they begin. With all of these new smart products coming out so quickly, though, and each attempting their own way at doing it, how do you know which is the right product for your project? And who do you work with to install and manage it?

As we wrap up this amazing series with Rise, join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Eric to learn all about what you need to know when it comes to smart home technology, how you properly sell, manage and use this technology to build more sustainable homes, and what the future holds for the future of technology, sustainability and construction.


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Andrey Zotin
Andrey Zotin
Mar 16, 2021

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