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AOC Show 185/Cultivate Advisors Series: 5 Stages of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Vicki Suiter
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Casey Clark and Jaime Rowe, Co-Founder, CEO & Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors, joins us for episode 185 of Art of Construction.

There is a time to work ON your business, and a time to work IN your business. As entrepreneurs and owners in the construction industry, we are constantly torn between what we should be handling ourselves and what can be delegated to others.

When something was our idea, we may want to hold onto it. But if we want that idea to grow, we have to learn to let go of direct control and create systems and processes that can bring it to the next level. By doing that, we go on a journey from running a business ourselves, to managing employees, to hiring executives, and finally creating a hugely successful company that operates without us even being there.

National business Advisory firm Cultivate Advisors calls this the entrepreneurial journey. In working with thousands of owners, Cultivate Advisors have identified 5 key stages of this entrepreneurial journey including unique pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities that plague business owners along the way. In this Deep Dive Series, we'll be going on a journey with them to learn how they've guided owners from all over the construction industry along this journey to new levels of success, growth and profitability.

To start, we had a great conversation with Casey and Jaime about the five stages of this journey, a little bit about Cultivate's backstory, and what you can expect from this series. Buckle up tribe!


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