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AOC Show 186: Investing in Construction's Digitized Future

Vicki Suiter

Turner Fleischer

Dr. Ray Levitt, Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures, joins us for episode 186 of Art of Construction.

Blackhorn Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in companies that are redefining industrial resource efficiency. Out of all the fields they could have chosen, Blackhorn picked construction as one of it's main focus areas. They picked construction as an industry to focus on because to them, now is the perfect time for construction to take massive leaps forward in efficiency and sustainabilityall thanks to the new digital technology that is rapidly improving and streamlining operations in our industry.

Having been a professor at Stanford in their civil engineering department, as well as a member and founder of many other academic and professional institutions, Ray brings a unique and informed perspective to Blackhorn and heads up their construction investments. Ray sat down with Art of Construction so we could hear his story and learn about what he's looking for in the companies they decide to invest in, where he thinks Blackhorn and the construction industry are headed, and what effects an improved and digitized AEC industry will have on our environment and the world as a whole.


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