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AOC Show 194/Cultivate Advisors Series: The Power of Prioritization

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer



Casey Clark and Jaime Rowe, CEO and Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors, join us for episode 194 of Art of Construction.

This is the sixth and final episode of the awesome Deep Dive Series we've had the pleasure of doing with Cultivate Advisors. Over these past five episodes, we've had the honor of speaking with owners and entrepreneurs from all over the construction industry and hearing their stories, trials and tribulations. Now to wrap things up, we brought back Cultivate CEO Casey Clark to reflect on all that we've learned.

What is the one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common? As we've seen throughout this series, it is the ability to prioritize. As we've heard throughout this series, owners and entrepreneurs constantly have to rise above the daily grind in order to make sure they and their team know exactly where they are headed, and exactly how they plan to get there. This, after all, is what Cultivate Advisors' Entrepreneurial Journey is all about. It's a roadmap for all of us in the industry to understand exactly where we are so we can move forward most efficiently.

Join Devon, Jaime and Casey as they go on a journey to reflect back on all the lessons learned in this amazing series and what it means to be an Entrepreneur in construction.


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