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AOC Show 198: Relationships Create a Solid Foundation for Success

Jeff Sawyer, President and Co-Owner of TruNORTH Construction, joins us in episode 198 of Art of Construction.

In this episode, Jeff gives us the rundown on why he and his company put so much emphasis on the importance of relationships. To Jeff, relationships are one of the most important aspects of business that tends to get overlooked. Organizations tend to focus on profit and numbers, but by putting the focus on relationships with clients, sub-contractors, and employees the quality of work will increase along with the customer experience, and that will naturally lead to more profits.

By going the extra mile to treat their clients like family, TruNORTH have positioned themselves as positive figures in their community, which has only increased their project pipeline and scope of work. Beyond the quality, honesty, and personal touches they bring to projects, Jeff and his team are also very active on social media, and have found creating content is a great way to increase engagement with existing and potential clients and the community at large.

Real relationships are based in trust, and we often stress on Art of Construction how trust between parties is one of the most important aspects of a healthy construction industry. But trust is earned, not given.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Jeff to learn how he earns that trust from his clients, subcontractors and employees, and what contractors and affiliates can gain from reframing their business model away from simply chasing profits, to engaging with your community in an organic, fun and honest way.


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