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AOC Show 201: Global Collaboration for Local Construction

Sachin Jain and Animes Sarkar, Senior Vice President and General Manager and Head of BIM Services at Pan Gulf Technologies, join us all the way from India for episode 201 of Art of Construction.

Pan Gulf Technologies is a Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Solutions company based in India that works with contractors and architects around the globe. Our Executive Director Matt McMullen has a dedicated team from PGT working with him as he designs our new line of Art of Construction homes. The PGT team members do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to the BIM modeling and other technical elements on our AOC projects. But rather than thinking of them as just tech support, Art of Construction truly sees PGT as an extension of our architecture studio.

This sort of personal connection established between our team and their team half a world away isn't easy to accomplish, but it's worth doing, because in the end it leads to greater collaboration and lets us all build better buildings. PGT's business model is to develop these sort of personal relationships with each client by giving every client of theirs a customized team of experts based on their needs, and participating in the projects as fellow designers and creatives.

The results of this setup have been a productive and fun workflow with amazing results on our AOC projects. Join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Sachin and Animes to learn about PGT's philosophies on business, BIM, and serving the AEC industry, and showcase the studio team PGT has put together for Art of Construction that's taken our built projects to the next level.


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