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AOC Show 203/Industrialized Construction Series: Optimizing Your Company’s Toolkit

Fred Meeske, VP of BIM Services at Rosendin, joins us on episode 203 of Art of Construction and episode one of our Deep Dive Series on Industrialized Construction with Autodesk.

Modular. Prefab. Volumetric. All these words represent different methods of offsite construction currently growing in popularity in our industry. Autodesk calls this overall trend the “Industrialized Construction Revolution.”

While not necessarily in the spotlight, specialty subcontractors like HVAC and MEP are quietly paving the way in this Industrialized Construction Revolution with their prefabricated and design-build approaches to projects. Rather than beginning each project with a blank sheet, they've developed their offerings as products with repeatable manufacturing methods that can be taken and adapted into custom projects.

Rosendin, one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States, is one of these companies paving the way. They've adopted BIM, prefab, the Autodesk platform, and a variety of other tools into their project workflow, and have achieved many improvements in how projects are executed, how their collaborations with others are coordinated, and how time is spent on and off the jobsite as a result.

Join Fred and Devon on part one of this Deep Dive Series, as they discuss thinking ahead into the future from the perspective of an electrical contractor, how Rosendin optimizes Autodesk’s products and their internal processes for each job, and what a product-led approach to projects would look like in the construction industry.


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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Jun 27, 2023

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