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AOC Show 245: The Contractor Credit Card

Zaid Rahman, Founder and CEO of Flexbase, joins us for episode 245 of Art of Construction.

Zaid Rahman comes from a family of contractors and architects and is more than aware of all aspects of the construction world, including the struggles of unusual cash flow unique to our industry. Most of the time, the people doing the work get the shortest end of the stick when it comes to paying or getting paid, applying for a loan, and all other things finance. Banks don't make it any easier with their restrictive loan and credit card terms, as well as their inability to truly understand how construction projects work. With that in mind, Zaid created Flexbase to attack this problem and help contractors improve their cash flow and payment processes.

Flexbase is a software company that has developed an application and a credit card designed to aid contractors in managing their transactions. The credit card offers 0% interest on purchases for 60 days, increased credit limits suited for construction companies, zero personal liabilities and much more. With all of these benefits, Flexbase aims to help small to medium sized construction companies achieve the same level of financial freedom and access to capital that much larger firms already possess.

Join Devon and Zaid as they discuss all of the financial pitfalls faced by contractors, how Zaid aims to help the building industry fight these common burdens with Flexbase, and what the future of financing looks like as construction rethinks its relationship with the traditional banking world.



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