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AOC Show 246: Dig a Little Deeper!

Tyler Campbell, Co-host of the Construction Brothers Podcast and Chief Storyteller at Storybuilder, joins us for episode 246 of Art of Construction.

The Construction Brothers Podcast is dedicated to exploring all things construction. Tyler and his brother Eddie share ideas on how to approach the industry, and add a bit of flavor with their brotherly love. Their goal is to offer a solid marketing source for construction and educate people with accurate, story-driven information.

Tyler's family has been working in construction for 6 generations. His father Larry Campbell founded Accelerated Building Solutions Inc. (ABSI), a company that offers BIM modeling and construction services. Tyler had been a part of ABSI for a decade, but he also found an interest in media, design, and marketing. In his endeavor, Tyler saw a disconnect between marketing and reality; marketers were missing the mark and not authentically speaking to construction. Armed with firsthand experience and knowledge of the story of our industry, Tyler has most recently launched Storybuilder— a firm that is helping contractors tell their story clearly and build creative content around that story.

Join Tyler and Devon as they discuss the importance of communication and building relationships, the new tendency of over-reliance on technology, and how to take the tribal, generational construction knowledge of the past and apply it to the modern era.



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