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AOC Show 249: Online Cabinet Shopping à la Amazon

Brady Lewis, Founder at Allmoxy, joins us for episode 249 of Art of Construction.

Allmoxy is the online MRP software solution for the cabinet and woodworking industry. From taking orders to estimates to scheduling, Allmoxy does it for you. It can be customized to suit your business, services, and customers. Ordering a cabinet or furniture job can be a straightforward online shopping experience for the client, giving woodworkers time to focus on their craft while Allmoxy navigates the supply chain behind the scenes.

In 2008, Allmoxy founder Brady Lewis was running the family cabinet outsource shop and needed a software solution. Seeing an obvious lack of options for small business manufacturing software, they began building their own. He continued finding more areas where automation could be beneficial. Brady's objective eventually grew into something bigger: elevating the entire woodworking industry with the systems they had built in their shop. Allmoxy was not created only to save time; it is an opportunity for woodworkers to increase the value proposition of their businesses. Brady hopes that one day, ordering a cabinet job will be as simple as shopping on Amazon.

Join Brady and Devon this week as they talk about the flaws of traditional supply chains, why in the age of the Internet every company is a tech company, and how automation of supply chain processes can truly unlock the potential of craftsmen in the Art of Construction.



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