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AOC Show 253: The Key to Offsite Construction is Automation

Dwight Morgan and Dave Osher, CMO and CEO at OFFSITEK, join us for episode 253 of Art of Construction.

OFFSITEK is an offsite technology company offering an end-to-end solution for industrialized construction that integrates land development, advanced digital design, supply chain optimization and construction. Their factory-controlled environment produces pre-engineered panelized systems and components allowing them to deliver commercialized and robust residential construction at a reduced cost and lead time. OFFSITEK’s integrated technology utilizes automation, robotic assembly, and cutting-edge software to transform traditional, fragmented construction into advanced manufacturing.

Join Devon, Dwight and Dave as they discuss the history of robotics and automation and why these industries now have their sights set on construction, the forward-thinking business model behind OFFSITEK's factory processes, and why blending skilled labor with robots is the secret recipe for bringing productivity in construction to new highs.


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