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AOC Show 258: Great People are Better Than a Great Process

Dr. Craig Ellis, Vice President of Services at HighMatch, joins us for episode 258 of Art of Construction.

The construction industry is facing a perfect storm when it comes to employees, with an aging workforce nearing retirement, the great resignation pulling skilled and professional talent into other industries, and the new generation (Gen Z) ignoring careers in construction for other industries. Approaching this crisis using the same historical hiring approach is a recipe for disaster. Instead, contractors and affiliates need to take a different approach.

HighMatch is a modern approach to employment assessments, delivering personalized candidate insights at every stage of the hiring cycle, leading to better matches and happier employees. As the Vice President of Services, Craig leads the consulting arm of the company. They've served many of the top builders in the country as well as small to medium sized construction businesses for the last 15 years. Craig holds a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and has used his degree to help contractors and affiliates of all size grow their business.

Join Devon and Craig as they discuss modern approaches to hiring, onboarding and workplace culture for construction, why it's vital for builders to rethink who they want to hire and the roles they are hiring for, and why great people will always be the best thing for a company; even better than a great process.



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