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AOC Show 260: The Digital Built Environment Institute

Wesley Benn, Executive Chairman at the Digital Built Environment Institute, joins us for episode 260 of Art of Construction.

If you've listened to our show for many years you probably remember our partnership with Digital Built Week Americas in 2019. One of our highest rated episodes is the keynote of that conference which turned into AOC Episode 153 with Steve Burrows: Why This is the Greatest Time in History to be in Construction. This year, we are proud to announce we will once again be partnering with the Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) to serve as the official podcast of Digital Built Week 2022! Today is the first in a series of episodes leading up to the conference, and we will also record a series of episodes live at the event.

The Digital Built Environment Institute is a not-for profit global organization dedicated to the advancement of people, processes and technology, and the improvement of productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for the built environment and the AECO industry. They do this by connecting industry participants to each other, and working collaboratively to identify the services, activities, and support structures that can be best employed to help all of us. We believe that our planet has significant issues that need to be addressed and that in terms of the built environment, we have the people, the processes, the skills and the knowledge to effect change. The broad AECO industry has significant impact on the planet and together, through our individual and collective improvements, we can make that impact a positive one.

Join Devon and Wesley as they discuss DBEI's backstory, the evolution of BIM from something on the fringes to the core technology that defines the entire build process, why it's vital to break down the AECO silos, the return to the Master Builder, what people can expect from Digital Built Week this year and in the future, and so much more!

Visit our podcast page to enter for a chance to win a pair of FREE PASSES to Digital Built Week Americas, June 14th - 16th in Anaheim, California:


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