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AOC Show 269: The Science of Where

Marc Goldman, Director of AEC Industry Solutions at Esri, joins us for episode 269 of Art of Construction and the second episode of our series recorded live at Digital Built Week Americas 2022.

Esri is a GIS (Geographic Information System) platform provider. They bill their GIS mapping software as the most powerful mapping & spatial analytics technology available. Their tagline, which we love, is that they specialize in "The Science of Where."

"The Science of Where is the science of digital transformation; the science of exploration and navigation; the science of commerce and ecology," says Esri. "It's the science of insight and innovation. It inspires us and drives us to offer the most high-powered, high-performance mapping and analytics capabilities in the world."

For the AEC industry, their tools allow for taking BIM models, digital twins, construction schedules and more and tying them to actual locations on our planet. This "Location Intelligence" they provide allows all stakeholders to understand a project in context of where it is. It sounds so simple and obvious, and yet this is a topic we've never discussed on the podcast before, which is why Devon asked to interview Marc after seeing his keynote address at Digital Built Week.

Join Devon and Marc as they discuss the four pillars of Esri's value offering to the AEC industry, how and why location-based information systems are used on projects, what AEC can learn from how other industries use Esri's products, and the benefits GIS can bring to the development of entire communities as we all try to build better buildings and solve the biggest problems humanity faces.



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