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AOC Show 282: Building the Perfect Project Team

Bryson Reaume, Founder & CEO of Reaume Richardson and the Cooperative LA, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 282 of Art of Construction. Reaume Richardson is a Los Angeles based general contractor with 20 years of experience revitalizing cityscapes throughout California. The Cooperative represents their clients’ best interests by understanding all aspects of the Construction and Real Estate life cycle. With a 20+ year background as commercial builders, The Cooperative’s leadership understand the inefficiencies created when a development team is not managed for complete success from day one. Join Devon, Bryson, and Matt as they discuss Bryson's journey from being just a GC to running the entire project lifecycle through the Cooperative, what he's learned from 20 years of revitalizing old buildings, the importance of understanding the full scope of a project before it starts, fun facts about LA construction, and what it takes to build the perfect project team in the Art of Construction.


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