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AOC Show 285: Shark Tank for Construction Disruption

Cutler Knupp, Managing Director at Dysruptek, joins us for episode 285 of Art of Construction.

Construction is one of history’s oldest trades, and it remains one of the most old-fashioned. Working to make the most of tight profit margins, contractors traditionally have had few investment dollars to explore new technology. Through the creation of Dysruptek, Haskell is changing that dynamic.

Innovation is in Haskell’s DNA. Under the leadership of founder Preston Haskell, the company became a pioneer of the design-build delivery method shortly after it was founded. Design-build integrates architecture, engineering and construction teams to work as a cohesive unit, and its advent changed how projects are delivered.

Growing from those innovative roots, Dysruptek was formed as the venture arm dedicated to scouting, piloting and investing in emerging technologies disrupting the industry, as well as capitalizing on the innovations and intellectual capital of Haskell’s diverse employee base.


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