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AOC Show 288: Who is a Master Facilitator?

Scott Hicken, AOC Executive Producer, joins us for episode 288 of Art of Construction.

Since 2014, Art of Construction has steadily gained momentum and built an audience of over half a million contractors and affiliates around the world who tune in. Today we are listed as the number one construction podcast in the world according to google charts. We believe we've gained this audience because we spread a message that many in our industry can relate to. Construction is broken and needs to be fixed. And the only we can do it is together.

Beginning in January 2023, we're launching an online community for the Art of Construction Tribe to take things to the next level. This community will be a place for us to learn and grow together, to connect with fellow Art of Construction Tribe members and companies, and to get bonus podcast episodes, lessons and workshops from us and our partners. The ideal member of our tribe who will join this community is what we call a Master Facilitator.

Who is a Master Facilitator? In short, it's a business owner or leader interested in improving their company's operations. Master Facilitators are trying out new construction technologies, materials, and systems, and integrating them into their company and project teams. This type of work is not easy and can get very messy. But in this messiness is the true stuff that drives construction forward.

Join Devon and Scott as they reflect on what's special about Art of Construction and our audience, who we think has been listening all these years, the character profile of an Art of Construction Master Facilitator, and what you can expect from the Master Facilitator online community.


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