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AOC Show 294: Insulation From Nature's R&D Department

Andrew Legge, Founder and Managing Partner of Havelock Wool, joins us for episode 294 of Art of Construction.

Andrew has a passion for all things New Zealand, where the company procures its wool, that is mirrored by a desire to affect positive change in the built environment. He has lived and traveled around the world and seeks to leverage those experiences in bringing a biophilic, best practice to an industry known to contribute excessive waste to our world.

It is Havelock's goal to produce a truly superior building product with unrivaled integrity. They seek to work with those who appreciate the value of alternative building products and a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem. They are actively building consumer awareness concerning “traditional” toxic building materials.

Join Devon and Andrew as they discuss the long history of using wool for insulation, why sustainability also extends to the way products are manufactured, the benefits of using natural materials in the home, and why marketing directly to homeowners can be the best way to raise adoption of healthy materials in construction.

Learn more at Havelock Wool

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