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AOC Show 297: Building an Innovative Healthy Home Product

Rebecca Jones, National Sales Manager at Airmada Drying Solutions, joins us for episode 297 of Art of Construction.

Airmada's AirJet Shower Drying System uses air to solve a common problem — wet and moldy showers. In the past, this problem has required ongoing diligence with a squeegee, towel drying, scrubbing, and chemicals. The patented AirJet system is installed directly into the ceiling or walls of your shower and delivers air through a hidden plumbing system By significantly reducing the drying time, the AirJet promotes a healthier bathroom environment. Mold and mildew lose their breeding ground. All you do is flip the timer-controlled switch and walk away.

Join Devon and Rebecca as they discuss the origin story of Airmada's new technology, the kind of mindset needed to solve a need and create a new healthy home product, how to integrate new products into existing construction teams, and how to design the bathroom of the future.

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