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AOC Show 302: Your Daily Dashboard for Labor Ops

Ryan Meitl, CEO at Rivet Work, and Carmen Cardillo, General Manager at IDEAL Electrical, join us for episode 302 of Art of Construction.

RIVET streamlines your forecast, schedule and field communication to maximize labor utilization and grow your business. Ryan is an electrical engineer, and him and the RIVET Work team are on a mission to revolutionize labor operations for contractors. He’s passionate about leveraging technology to champion the skilled trades, accelerate digital transformation and make construction an industry of choice for a new generation entering the workforce.

IDEAL Electrical is the world's biggest supplier of wire connectors and other professional tools for the electrical trade. As General Manager, Carmen believes the future for the skilled trades involves utilizing the right tools and technology to advance learning, eliminate non-value-added work and allow the skilled trades men and women to do their best work in their highly trained craft.

Join Devon, Ryan and Carmen as they discuss the backstory of Rivet and how it is streamlining labor operations for trades (particularly the electrical trade), why and how Rivet and Ideal Electrical have partnered up to bring the best in hardware and software to the trades to help them grow their business, how digitizing construction can attract a new generation of workers, and what the future holds when all project data is at our fingertips.


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