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AOC Show 318: A World Built with Grass

Josh Dorfman from Plantd Materials join us for episode 318 of Art of Construction

"We envision a world that stands in balance with nature, a world build with grass."

Construction...with grass? Join us today chatting with Josh Dorfman of Plantd Materials, and how we can all adopt building meaningful change when it comes to climate change by reassessing how to scale plant based (or grass-based) building materials in our world of construction.

Josh Dorfman is a sustainability-focused entrepreneur who has led tech, manufacturing, and media ventures. Josh is co-founder and CEO of Plantd, a carbon-negative building materials company pioneering a novel path to reach gigaton-scale atmospheric carbon dioxide removal. At Amazon, Josh established and led, an e-commerce business for natural, organic, and sustainable products. He has founded two award-winning, modern sustainable furniture companies: Vivavi, named to Inc. Magazine’s “Green 50” as a pioneer accelerating the green economy, and Simbly, recognized by the National Wildlife Federation for its supply chain and manufacturing practices to preserve forest ecosystems. Josh was also CEO of The Collider, the nation’s first innovation center for big data climate change solutions. Working in tandem with NOAA, research universities, development banks, and the private sector, The Collider incubated a new generation of climate analytics startups, helping society adapt to the effects of climate change. Josh is also known as the creator, author, and host of “The Lazy Environmentalist,” a consumer entertainment brand showcasing convenient and clever ways for everyday Americans to embrace sustainable living. Josh developed the brand into a Sundance Channel reality television series, daily SiriusXM radio show, book series, and national spokesperson engagements with household brands, including Brita and Clorox Greenworks. Josh currently serves on Governor Cooper’s North Carolina Entrepreneurial Council. He holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


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