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AOC Show 319: The Digital Twin: Building with Visual Graphics

Eric Scott from of Viz Graphics join us for episode 319 of Art of Construction

"How do we create visual assets to make decisions, get everybody on the same page, and sell the product?"

Join us this week as we chat with Eric Scott of Viz Graphics about digital modeling within construction and architecture.

Eric’s strong eye for design and 3D skills bring projects to

life in areas of architecture, engineering, and construction.

With over two decades in the AEC industry, Eric has managed

a multitude of projects, including additions and remodels, high-end

custom homes and multi-family apartments - in all phases

of architecture, including schematic and conceptual design to

construction drawings. In 2008, Eric started Visualize

Graphics, Inc. focuses primarily on design consulting,

3D visualization and marketing services. His passion for

design, organization, and overall disposition make him a

a valuable asset to any project, communicating early concepts

or high-end visualization for pre-sells and marketing.

As a Colorado local, when Eric is away from his work,

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing,

camping and skiing as much as possible!

Visit Viz Graphic's website:

Subscribe to Viz Graphics on YouTube:

VIZ® Prefab Promotional Video: Watch a clip of this in-studio podcast here: Watch a clip of Eric Scott talking about the MFC in studio during this podcast:

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VIZ Graphics
VIZ Graphics
02 de out. de 2023

I was honored to share my story and the power of CGI and VIZ Graphics brings to the AEC Industry!

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