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AOC Show 320: Penciling Projects with Full Volume Metrics

Shawn Poore from of Mill Creek joins us for episode 320 of Art of Construction

"They have mountains like we have mountains, they have dirt like we have dirt. But it's not the same mountains, and it's not the same dirt. There's outside influences on how things are done - and it's not perfect."

Shawn Poore serves as Vice President of Construction in Colorado. Mr. Poore has 23 years of experience in the commercial and residential construction industry in the Mid-Atlantic, Texas, and Colorado regions and is currently responsible for all construction and pre-construction in the Denver market.

Prior to joining Mill Creek, Mr. Poore worked at CBG Building Company, LLC, where he was responsible for the completion of multifamily projects in the Mid-Atlantic, and Texas Regions for CBG Building Company. Prior to CBG Building Company, Mr. Poore worked for commercial construction companies in which he worked in the federal, education, life sciences, and base building divisions.

Mr. Poore holds a diploma in Masonry Technology from the Williamson Trade College.

Visit Mill Creek's website: Watch a clip of this in-studio podcast here:

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