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AOC Show 322: Bridging Architecture and AI

Bill Allen from of EvolveLAB joins us for episode 322 of Art of Construction

"AI will not put you out of a job, someone using AI will."

Join us this week as we discuss the "hot topic" of AI in Architecture and Construction with Bill Allen.

Bill Allen, a seasoned leader in the AEC industry. He currently serves as the CEO and President of both EvolveLAB and On Point Scans, where he orchestrates a dynamic synergy aimed at empowering Architects, Engineers, and Contractors to optimize the built environment through the strategic application of artificial intelligence and data-driven design. With an impressive track record spanning almost 20 years, Bill brings unparalleled expertise to the AEC industry, having consulted with pioneering firms at the forefront of technological advancement. An accomplished public speaker, he has graced the stage as a keynote and featured speaker at numerous prestigious events, including the most watched Autodesk University talk, titled 'The Future of BIM is NOT BIM, And It's Coming Faster Than You Think.' Beyond his professional pursuits, Bill is a co-founder of The Bare Roots Foundation, a nonprofit organization passionately committed to ensuring that all individuals are granted the fundamental rights to clean food, shelter, and drinking water, embodying his dedication to global humanitarian efforts.

Visit EvolveLAB's

Twitter (X): @EvolveLABio

Watch some clips of this virtual podcast: and

Watch a Veras Demo with Devon and Bill:

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