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AOC Show 323: Offsite Construction Roadmap

Rich Binsacca of Pro Builder and Dennis Steigerwalt of the Housing Innovation Alliance join us for episode 323 of Art of Construction!

"What if one of the big tech companies - Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla - decides to become a homebuilders? A company that can come in and do what the industry will not, or can not, at this point, to deliver affordable, high-quality housing?"

Join us this week as talk with Rich Binsacca and Dennis Steigerwalt about HIA 2024 and PitchFest! Oh, and we'll talk a little about offsite construction too.

Rich Binsacca is the editorial director of Pro Builder, the leading B2B media brand for the U.S. housing industry, where he heads a team journalists, designers, and contributors to deliver timely, relevant, and

award-winning content. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, he has engaged the housing industry since 1987 as a journalist, editor, producer, and marketing/communications professional. Published independently by SGC-Horizon, Pro Builder is the official media partner of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Dennis leads strategy and market engagement for the Housing Innovation Alliance, a network of over 2,000+ companies focused on strategic growth opportunities in the homebuilding industries. He’s a boundary spanner, a connector, and an investor in all things related to the built environment. Navigating complex networks of relationships and promoting broader investment in research and development, Dennis seeks out opportunities to connect the dots on transformational initiatives to achieve objectives together that we shouldn’t, and likely couldn’t, tackle alone.

The Housing Innovation Summit will take place June 4-6, 2024. Pitchfest will kick off the Summit on June 4th. Get a 2-day Summit registration to participate in all Pitchfest activities and Summit sessions, round table discussions, and networking events. Stay for the final day (June 6) with a separate ticket for tours or send another member of your team to gather best practices from the field. Follow the Housing Innovation Alliance on LinkedIn and connect with Dennis.

View Videos of the virtual podcast here:

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