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AOC Show 328: Deep Dive Series Episode 3: How to Design for I/DD

This is episode 3 of a 4 part series on constructing housing for I/DD adults!

If you hear any background noise or laughter - that’s because this podcast was recorded LIVE from the Nuts and Bolts Conference in Colorado Springs in November 2023!

“Many people don’t even know that this is a thing…so many of these folks live at home…we need more housing, we need policy to bring more money to allow for more affordable housing for this population. We need 100 of these buildings done tomorrow. The need is there.”

Beth Rodriguez is the secretary and treasurer of Trailhead Community – a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 with a mission to create a neuro-inclusive and intentional housing community. Beth has a passion for working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)- specifically helping them gain independence in activities they value. She is a licensed occupational therapist and a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS.) Beth grew up in the home building industry and cultivated a love for building and design. She is especially interested in universal design and home modifications to allow individuals of all ages and abilities to live safely and independently in their environments. Beth worked closely consulting with the design and construction team for Trailhead’s first project in creating an 83 unit building that lives well, encourages community, and promotes health and wellness. Beth has many years of experience working with individuals with IDD in both a prevocational day program setting as well as providing direct care services in the homes of individuals helping them gain independence in daily living skills. She knows the desperate need for attainable housing in the Denver area for adults with IDD and appreciates the opportunity to be on Trailhead’s Board to create innovative housing solutions for this population. In her spare time, you can find Beth enjoying anything outdoors- skiing, hiking, camping and traveling!

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Layer 10's

Learn more about the Trailhead Community here:

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