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AOC Show 331: Numbers unveiled, a CFO's insights

"It doesn't have to be hard to know what's going on in your business, and to know which needles you need to move that month..."

Join us this week as we talk to Shelby Ashley of Optimized Financial Solutions!

In this episode, Devon Tilly interviews Shelby Ashley, the founder of Optimize Financial Solutions, about the importance of finance management in a wide variety of construction businesses. They discuss the role of a CFO in helping manage their cash flow and make informed financial decisions. Shelby emphasizes the need for business owners to understand the financial statements and key metrics that drive revenue, profit, and the flow of money. She also highlights the importance of paying yourself first and using artificial intelligence to streamline financial processes. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and practical tips for effectively managing finances in a construction business.

Shelby lives in Huntsville, AL but serves clients all over the United States. She founded Optimized Financial Solutions because she is passionate about translating what business owners see (and are often confused by) on their financial statements, into actionable decisions to help grow their business. Shelby received her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance as well as her MBA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. After working in several industries helping large business owners achieve success, she decided to start her own service helping small to medium sized business owners do the same. Her mission is to help clients go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed about cash, to feeling confident, knowing they are running their business like a CEO.

Visit Optimized Financial Solution's website:

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