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AOC Show 332: Connecting the field to the office

“At the end of the day you need to build something that is actually going to be very intuitive, very easy, and actually helps them - rather than something that feels like a micromanagement tool.”

Roni Szigeti is a visionary leader with a profound background in specialty subcontracting and a relentless

commitment to developing innovation

solutions for specialty subcontractors. Roni's journey into the world of specialty subcontracting began with their tenure at Northstar Environmental Group (Formerly LVI), where he served as a key player in the company's mission to provide innovative environmental and demolition contracting solutions. With a deep understanding of the complex challenges associated with environmental projects, Roni quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a driving force in the industry.

At Northstar, Roni successfully managed and executed a wide range of environmental projects, from soil remediation, asbestos abatement, structural and interior demolition, to hazardous waste disposal. Their expertise and commitment to safety and sustainability earned them recognition as a trailblazer in the field, setting new standards for responsible environmental contracting. Driven by a desire to bring innovation and efficiencies to specialty subcontractors, Roni Szigeti embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and founded FieldFlo, a technology company at the forefront of the digital revolution in our industry. As the CEO of FieldFlo, Roni has harnessed their extensive industry knowledge to develop cutting-edge software solutions that streamline and optimize project and field management.

Under Roni's leadership, FieldFlo has become synonymous with innovation in the specialty subcontractor sector, providing tools and technologies that enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Through FieldFlo, Roni is empowering organizations worldwide to make real time educated decisions about their projects, employees, safety and equipment while improving their bottom line. His unwavering commitment to bringing increased efficiencies, compliance, and safety to the specialty subcontracting world extends beyond their professional endeavors. They are a passionate advocate and actively engage with a diverse set of organizations to promote awareness and best practices.

Roni envisions a world where businesses and individuals can thrive through the implementation of sound technology that truly makes their companies and lives easier, safer and more profitable. His dedication to this vision, coupled with his impressive track record, positions them as a leading authority in environmental contracting and technology. In addition to his professional achievements, Roni enjoys mountain biking, golfing and going to see live music in his spare time, demonstrating a well-rounded and holistic approach to life. His inspiring journey from environmental contracting to entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of passion and dedication in creating a more innovative world for our industry. With FieldFlo as a platform for change, Roni continues to lead the charge towards a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.

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