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AOC Show 338: The ConTech Crew featuring Devon Tilly!

“At any level, a company is trying to figure it out because the construction process is a circle."

This week's episode was created and recorded for The ConTech Crew podcast, hosted by Jeff Sample, with our host, Devon Tilly, as the guest! This is a great episode to learn more about Devon and the Master Facilitator Community!

Jeff Sample is a technology evangelist, speaker, podcaster, and passionate advocate for construction. He has been working in the Technology Industry for the past 25+ years. He has taken specific care to work with and understand the diverse components of a successful business and how technology can enhance those workflows. He has designed and implemented solutions for diverse teams emphasizing functionality and fiscal responsibility. He joined a software development team to understand the software life cycle and become a better technology provider for the organizations he supports. He helps individuals and companies reach their full potential through technology innovation.

As owner of MVWD, Devon Tilly fulfills clients' dreams with project management expertise in windows, doors, and hardware. Through social media and video, he has created an information platform for the building industry. He hosts the #1 rated podcast for contractors and architects, "The Art of Construction." They partner with high-end designers, architects, and builders utilizing the highest quality manufacturers to bring an art and science approach to the building industry. When you partner with MVWD, you have access to the highest quality products with a high level of expertise. He also knows "what not to do" and exceeds high-end project expectations. They have a culture of continuous improvement and a progressive commitment to excellence. They seek to add value with every interaction.

Their business partners and clients receive the highest level of service, industry expertise, and a guide to assist them from start to finish.

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