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AOC Show 345: Embrace the power of prefab construction

"Integrate your assemblies as if they are the lego blocks of building…on top of that, consider modular units as the lego Death Star. Think of it as, not necessarily you have to have an entire modular building, but I have a modular unit.”

This is episode 3 of 3 for a Deep Dive Series on Advancing Prefabrication! 

Join Devon and co-host Matt McMullen as he talks with the legendary Lonnie Cumpton of AEC Inspire!

Lonnie Cumpton brings over three decades of hands-on experience in the building design and construction industry, where he has dedicated himself to mentoring professionals and guiding firms through the complex landscape of technological integration. As Co-founder and Senior Director of Product Strategy and Customer Success at AECInspire, Lonnie is not just a leader but a coach, helping his team and clients embrace prefabrication and innovative solutions to address the skilled labor shortage in the construction industry.


Lonnie’s approach is firmly grounded in the belief that the best technological implementations start with a focus on people and processes before technology. This guiding principle has shaped his pivotal roles, from overseeing mega-sized projects like the Cosmopolitan Casino Resort to his strategic direction at Sanveo, Inc., and now at AECInspire. He fosters environments where technology acts as an enabler rather than a disruptor, streamlining processes from Takeoff to Prefab to Installation through smart applications and tools.


Previously, as Director of Construction Manufacturing at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Lonnie guided electrical contractors in adopting data-centric processes that improve information flow and project outcomes. His tenure at Faith Technologies and Taylor Design further exemplifies his commitment to educational leadership and the practical application of BIM and prefabrication technologies. A respected voice in the industry, Lonnie is regularly featured in trade publications and speaks at conferences like Autodesk University and Advancing Prefabrication, where he shares his vision for a more integrated and efficient future in construction.


Throughout his career, Lonnie has maintained an unwavering passion for the personal and professional growth of industry professionals. He firmly believes that the key to industry advancement lies in empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to succeed, making each professional an integral part of the industry's future.

X - @aec_inspire & @lonniecumpton

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