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AOC Show 217: How Do We Evolve Modular Construction?

Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 217 of Art of Construction.

Modular construction is continuing to gain momentum as a potential solution to many of the problems our industry faces. But although many see the benefits, there are still issues that need to be overcome for it to truly move forward. The fragmentation and lack of communication between different parts of this industry leaves many attempting to solve problems in a personal silo rather than collaborating with others facing similar problems. And new, innovative technology, though definitely needed, has a tendency to cause more problems than it solves if not applied on projects in the right way.

Art of Construction knows all of this firsthand through our series of modular projects designed by our Executive Director Matt McMullen. We've been following Gary's writings for a while now and have always enjoyed his commentary on the good, bad, and ugly of modular construction, and felt it very much aligned with what we were experiencing. Based on this, we wanted him to come on the show.

Gary was once a general contractor who eventually found himself fascinated by and working in modular construction. Following his career in modular, Gary took a chance when he launched Modular Home Coach, a blog dedicated to discussing the problems and issues he saw hurting the modular industry. After that came Modcoach Network, a hub of offsite construction information, and Modcoach Connects, a directory of experienced offsite consultants. Between gathering information and publishing many articles per week, Gary is often the one who industry professionals call for input. His passion for modular construction and bettering the industry shines through, with tough love and a little humor along the way.

Join Gary, Matt and Devon on this episode as they exchange thoughts on the past, present and future of modular construction, the industry need for both seasoned construction veterans and fresh minds, how innovation cannot be forced, and the amazing things that modular is capable of – if egos and childish tendencies are left at the door.



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