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AOC Show 211: Compassionate Leadership Builds Up Employees and Our Industry

Jeff White, President and CEO of Holmberg Mechanical, joins us on episode 211 of Art of Construction.

From mowing grass as a teenager, to becoming CEO of a full-service mechanical and engineering contractor, Jeff White has known the power of positive relationships within the workspace since the beginning. This shines through at Holmberg Mechanical, where state-of-the-art mechanical systems, servant-style leadership and workplace safety are at the forefront of all they do. From weekly community outreach projects, to creating a company-wide search party for an employee’s missing child (who was safely found), Jeff views corporate social responsibility as just that: a responsibility.

Our realm of work is tedious, dirty, and can be dangerous. And in an industry focused on building bigger and faster, wouldn’t companies want to construct a positive culture that fosters compassion, safety and growth? Crusty Contractors who cut corners with their employees are abundant in our industry, but if you're a member of our tribe, you know we're committed to doing things better. Jeff is as well, which is why we decided to talk to him.

Join Jeff and Devon on this inspiring episode, as they discuss the fiercely loyal company culture at Holmberg Mechanical, the importance of understanding before being understood, and our obligation as leaders to serve our employees and our community through the bad times and the good.



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