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AOC Show 206: Tools for Capturing Your Project's Reality

Matthew Byrd, President of Nexus 3D Consulting and host of the Reality Capture Network podcast, and Scott Hicken, AOC Executive Producer, join us on episode 206 of Art of Construction.

The truth is, 3D scanning is the future, and it’s enticing. State-of-the-art products give us the ability to capture and utilize accurate data for every stage of a construction project, from checking off pre-insulation details in a newly built home, to remodeling giant architectural masterpieces like the Seattle Space Needle. But as we know, each project is different. There’s no “One Size Fits All” in the AEC industry, and certainly not in system integration. With different laser scanners and photogrammetry software on the market, how do you choose what will best serve your project and company’s needs?

Here at Art of Construction, we strive to provide the best resources possible to innovate your business and move our industry forward, and Nexus 3D Consulting holds the same aspirations. As a company of multifaceted services, including 3D scanning, BIM services, surveying and point cloud data, they know all too well that without the right education and communication, these tools can make us work harder, NOT smarter. There is a time, place and product for each project, and knowing the difference between them is key!

Join Matthew, Devon and Scott as they discuss the similarities, differences and history of 3D capture products (like Matterport and Leica BLK360), choosing tools that’ll best assist you with your project, where companies can go wrong in implementing new technologies, and connecting the RCN and AOC podcast tribes!



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