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AOC Show 213: Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Construction?

René Morkos, Founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies, joins us for Episode 213 of Art of Construction.

ALICE Technologies is the world's first AI-powered construction simulation platform. Founded in 2015 based on research from Stanford University, ALICE leverages artificial intelligence to analyze a project's complex building requirements and generate highly efficient building schedules and solutions.

Founder and CEO René Morkos has been infatuated with construction his entire life. As the project manager of various construction teams early in his career, he observed just how low productivity often is on a jobsite. He took those observations and conducted a study where he confirmed that only three percent of a construction site's space is being actively utilized for construction at any given time.

In the past six years, the ALICE Technologies team and him have developed the world’s first generative construction simulator with the goal of increasing jobsite productivity dramatically. In short, you set up your construction project's requirements, send them to the simulator, and ALICE picks the best schedule and solutions for your project out of millions of possibilities. It helps navigate the inevitable "what-ifs" in construction and can re-sequence your project accordingly after experiencing delays in materials, changes in building requirements, or any other of the infinite obstacles we experience in our industry.

Join René and Devon as they discuss rethinking project management in construction, his journey in creating ALICE, and the magic that happens when we let algorithms do the heavy data crunching, allowing us to focus all our energy on doing our jobs better.



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