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AOC Show 215: Smart Selling Will Transform Your Construction Business

Ryan Groth, President of the Sales Transformation Group, Inc. joins us for episode 215 of Art of Construction.

Sales Transformation Group helps growth-oriented construction companies get out of the “quote and hope” rut and build foreseeable sales models through assessing issues, e-learning, coaching and events. Being as results-driven as can be, they have assisted over 100 clients increase growth margins and closing ratios – with some commercial case studies going from zero to multi-millions in sales in around 24 months.

From being a child who dreamed of success and security, to growing up in the industry, to being drafted into Major League Baseball, Ryan has taken lessons from all aspects of life to help build high-performing construction sales organizations. Through his experience consulting and coaching, he’s seen far too many construction companies with no set sales processes. And without any foresight into the future, how can businesses expect to grow their sales with confidence?

Join Ryan and Devon on this episode as they discuss the serendipitous meeting of AOC and the Sales Transformation Group, the importance of confidence in contracting sales, and how the combination of technology and relationships are imperative to running a fruitful business.



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