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AOC 120/SBL Series - System Builds – The Evolution of Construction

Jason Davis, President of Colorado Modular Homes (CMH), joins us on the Art of Construction SBL series to talk system builds.

CMH has been producing high-quality custom modular homes since 2005. Not only does CMH have off-site construction mastered, but they have also developed a four-step Road Home process to guide the home-builder through the design and building process. This episode also explores how modular home construction is following a similar evolution to window systems. A hundred years ago, windows were built on-site during the construction process. Now, of course, window systems are delivered to the job site ready to be installed. Is stick built construction about to become obsolete, too?

Anderson archive picture of original frame bundles​

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

Colorado Modular Homes

Rocky Mountain Home Builders

Road Home

Mountain View Window & Door

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