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AOC Show 216: It Takes More Than Building Materials to Construct a Successful Business

Shane Hoefer, CEO at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, joins us for episode 216 of Art of Construction.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products is the state of Colorado’s largest lumber supplier, specializing in various building materials for fencing, siding, decking and railing. By operating for over 40 years and working with nearly 4,000 general contractors each year, they’ve done business with all types of industry professionals and recognize that relationships and trust are primary, and products are secondary.

Being born into the industry, then rebelling against it, then falling in love with the game of business, Shane Hoefer returned to construction and the family company – with people and strategy being of utmost importance. He (like us) shares the same frustration that the people who literally “build the infrastructure of everything” aren’t receiving the attention they deserve, which is why he and the RMFP team developed a vlog to showcase all facets of construction, Blue Collar Blueprint, as well as a podcast, The Mill.

Tune in as Devon and Shane discuss the evolution and elevation of Rocky Mountain Forest Products, our industry’s nonsuccess in showcasing the trades and craftsmen behind them, strategically defining what your company stands for, and how us all can make construction better than how we found it.



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