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Show 10 - Does Your Tile & Stone Supplier Excel at Complex Projects?

Cory Williams, Business Development Manager at Brekhus Tile & Stone
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On this episode of Art of Construction, we talk with Cory Williams, Business Development Manager with Brekhus Tile & Stone about their approach and process to historic renovations & other complex projects that can benefit you.

So what's Cory's "Secret Sauce"? Start with a bidding process that reflects consideration of best-priced materials, informed consultation, quality craftsmanship in labor and reliable on-site management to prevent cost overruns.

Brekhus Tile & Stone is a woman-owned tile supplier and stone installation contractor based in Denver Colorado, founded in 1998. They excel at complex, custom, high-end granite and stone installation projects that present technical challenges.

They have worked on projects throughout Colorado and have delivered superior craftsmanship on hundreds of jobs in shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes and the nation's largest restaurant and hotel chains. Current clients include Denver International Airport, Ralph Carr Justice Center, Union Station-Denver and many others.

Tune in to hear how Cory and the team at Brekhus Tile & Stone has used their approach to generate a strong base of satisfied clients from individuals to institutional level companies.

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