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Show 3 - Making the Hiring Process a Leap Towards Success

Brian Workman, Owner of Blind Corners & Curves

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On this episode of Art of Construction, you’ll hear great Ideas about the Hiring Process.... getting and keeping good people from Brian Workman, owner of The Blind Corners & Curves.

For a Contractor, new home builder or remodeler, the Idea of hiring and keeping good talent is a daunting process. Blind Corners & Curves has become one of Denver’s largest distributors of blinds, plantation shutters and draperies in all of the Rocky Mountain West.

For more than a decade their dedicated staff has been providing loyal customers with service and expertise allowing them to make the best and most informed decisions. None of that, however, would be able to happen without good talent. Tune in to see why Brian has made the hiring process the foundation of his success.

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