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Show 32 - Building a Successful Project through Collaboration and Teamwork: An In-depth Look at the

Grape Street Show Home
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On this episode of Art of Construction, we discuss details about the MVWD/EIP Grape Street Show Home project with a variety of EIP (Elite Industry Partners) members about their impressions of the completed project. Through this conversation you'll see firsthand how "building a successful project through teamwork" can blossom with a collaborative project like the show home.

The Elite Industry Partners are a group of dedicated luxury traders that aim to provide the very best. They have come together to create the Grape Street Show Home. A collaborative effort resulting in a beautiful 5 bedroom 4.5 bath home, showcasing all things luxury.

If you didn't catch the earlier shows already, make sure to have a listen to show 22 with Beth Klepper and show 24 with Adam Sinclair and Beth Klepper to hear the before and during talk about this wonderful project.

Not pictured: All electrical provided by ElectriCall, whole house a/v system provided by Harrison Home Systems, listing agent Michael Beninati with Coldwell Banker.

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