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Show 57 - Unlock the Secrets of Chief Architect with Expert Dan Bauman

Dan Baument, Chief Architect Software Expert

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On this episode of the Art of Construction, we speak with Chief Architect Expert, Dan Baumann.

Back in 1993, Baumann owned a construction company. Around that time he started using Chief Architect in its earliest iterations. Since then he has become one of the software’s chief experts, advising and training the architectural community on how to best utilize Chief Architect to help grow their business. We ask why he’s stuck with Chief Architect over the years, his journey into education with the product, and learn about his 15 reasons you should be charging more for your home plans.

Dan Baumann said “As a professional user and instructor of Chief Architect, my goal is to give you the information you need to succeed. I focus heavily on teaching you how to become more productive in your business and increase your profits using Chief Architect as a design, drawing, and marketing tool.”

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