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Show 8 - Strategic Planning & Processes to Help Business Owners Grow Revenue

Jaime Rowe, Owner of Tuesday Consulting

On this episode of Art of Construction, you’ll hear from Jaime Rowe, owner of Tuesday Consulting. She outlines their program to help business owners grow revenue by implementing strategic planning & processes. Their ‘Focused Path Consulting’ process provides business owners with the exact steps needed to improve their customer satisfaction scores and increase revenue.

So what's Jaime's "Secret Sauce"? She starts with smart, driven people and her firm is easy to work with...Tuesday Consulting does the heavy lifting and prides itself on anticipating their customers needs and desires. They take the time to understand each business owners' concerns and then address each one with high levels of communication and information.

Jaime's passion of pet photography is amazing! Check out her website of furry friends!


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